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Emirates Dental Society Attends Annual World Dental Congress on Dental Technology and Oral Health to Bring Back Key Learnings for the UAE_FDI 2013

The Emirates Dental Society urge UAE residents to adopt a complete oral health regimen, of brushing, flossing, dental visits and even chewing sugar-free gum, and announce intention to host a mega dental congress in Dubai next year.
Dubai, UAE, September 1st, 2013: According to recent research conducted by SEHA, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, 64% of school children in the Emirate show signs of tooth decay1, largely due to poor dental hygiene. Furthermore, data shows tooth decay—a largely preventable condition— to be the most prevalent chronic health condition in the UAE affecting more than 80 percent of the population.2 In an effort to combat these staggering statistics and further advance oral care in the UAE, a delegation from the Emirates Medical Association’s Dental Society (EDS) headed by its President, Dr Aisha Sultan Alsuwaidi, attended the 2013 Annual World Dental Congress (FDI) in Istanbul, Turkey last week, 28th-31stAugust.
According to Dr Aisha Sultan and based on Emi…