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CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER Therapeutic Possibilities

Dr. Pablo Echarri

In this article, different CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER therapeutic possibilities are demonstrated through the case reports presentation.
Keywords CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER. Therapeutic possibilities.

Definition The CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER technique is an orthodontic treatment whose appliances consist of transparent, esthetic, comfortable, effective, progressive and sequential aligners. It allows the treatment of many patients who don’t want to wear fixed appliances. Normally, the CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER is used in adult patients, but it also can be used in mixed dentition.
Characteristics - Three different  aligners which vary in thickness are used: CA®-soft, CA®-medium and CA®-hard. - It is made step by step and one at the time with each impression. It is sequential. According to our experience and depending on the characteristics of the case or circumstances of a patient (if a patient is able to attend the appointments at the dental office, if he is on a holiday, traveling, etc.), 2 …

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