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Effect of Fluoride-Based Prophylactic Agents on Titanium Corrosion: A Literature Review and Clinical Implications

Dr. Wiam El Ghoul Dr. Mireille Rahi Dr. Elias Smaira Pr. Khaldoun Rifai

Titanium is known to possess excellent biocompatibility as a result of corrosion resistance and lack of allergenicity when compared with many other metals. Fluoride is well known as a specific and effective caries prophylactic agent and its systematic application has been recommended widely over recent decades. Nevertheless, high fluoride concentrations impair corrosion resistance of titanium. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the current data regarding the influence of fluoride on titanium corrosion process in the last years. These data demonstrate noxious effects induced by high fluoride concentration as well as low PH in the oral cavity. Therefore, such conditions should be considered when prophylactic treatment is indicated with patients having dental implants or other dental devices. 
Keywords Corrosion. Dental implants. Titanium alloys. Fluoride prophylactic agents. Titanium oxide layer. Oral cavity.