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Pain Relief of Aphthous Ulcers by Lasers: A Literature Review

Dr. Dolly Roukoz, Chir. Dent., DU de Pathologie et de Diagnostic Oraux Dr. Nadia Skandri, DCD, DEMS en Pathologie Buccale Dr. Chirine Chammas, Chir. Dent., DU de Pathologie et de Diagnostic Orauxz
Département de Pathologie et de Diagnostic Oraux, Faculté de Médecine Dentaire, Université Libanaise


Aphthous ulcers or recurrent aphthous ulcer (RAU) or canker sores are probably the most common1 and affect 5 to 25% of the population worldwide.2-4 The term aphthous is defined as a breach in the oral epithelium which typically exposes nerve endings in the underlying lamina propria resulting in pain and soreness.5-6 Clinically, aphthous ulcer is characterized by shallow round or oval shape7 with a white-yellow base which is a fibrinous slough,8 a discretely elevated yellowish edge9 and a distinct irregular border with a narrow red halo. Their etiology and pathogenesis are still unclear and much discussed.10 Several factors are suspected including immunological disorders,1,5 genetics, h…