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Polyamide Resins in Removable Dentures

Dental News Volume XXII, Number I, March, 2015

By Dr. Danielle El Hakim, Dr. Mireille Rahi, Dr. Najib Abou Hamra, Dr. Elias Smaira

Thermoplastic resins have been used in dentistry for over 50 years. In the meantime, their use has spread due to their superior characteristics, and the interest in polyamide based materials (nylon) have increased. Their ongoing development has yielded new classes of more and more advanced materials and technologies, which make possible new applications for thermoplastic resins in the future. The dentists have to meet growing demands for prosthetic rehabilitation due to population aging and higher requirements on the quality of life. In this article we will talk about physical, mechanical and thermal properties of polyamide materials, surface roughness, flexibility and absence of monomer in comparison with PPMA, and the various applications of polyamide resins in removable dentures.