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COMPONEER™ In difficult cases.

Dental News Volume XXII, Number IV, December, 2015

By Dr. Mario José Besek

COMPONEER™ is an new generation of front teeth restoration. It is a direct “chairside“ veneering technique based on composite and offers a lot of advantages. Componeers are prepolymerized enamel shaded composite shells, which enables an easier procedure in the freehand technique with composites. The prefabricated componeers, that can be individualized leads into better marginal adaptation and have a 100% connection to the restoration composite, are completely homogeneous and free of voids  with a thickness of onlay 0.3mm. The anatomical basic form consists of different sizes and colors which makes the work easier. The correction of unlikely teeth, malpositions and  less smile presence seems to be more and more important for patient and dentist.  Also the cost – benefit relationship is a criteria, natural beauty, minimal invasive procedure, ability of individualization, repair possibility and technical and dental …

When O.V.D is Wrong in Complete Dentures

Dental News Volume XXII, Number IV, December, 2015

By Dr. Jamila Jaouadi


Why O.V.D should be correctly determined? • To establish and maintain a harmonious relationship with all oral structures and to provide a masticatory apparatus that is efficient and esthetically acceptable. • To ensure that all the effects of occlusal loading be distributed as evenly as possible to all supporting structures capable of receiving the force. • To best control the undesirable effects of rotational or torquing forces on the prosthesis. • To prevent any deflective contacts of the teeth during centric or eccentric closures as these can produce pathological changes in the supportive structures or in the neuromuscular mechanism that controls mandibular movement. 
Definitions • Rest Vertical Dimension (RVD) Is the distance measured when the mandible is in the rest position . • Occlusal  Vertical Dimension (OVD)
Is the distance measured when the occluding rims or teeth are in contact.

Case one
A 46 year-old …