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Human Teeth: A Shocking Evolution

Human Teeth: A Shocking Evolution Broken, discoloured or decayed teeth can have a severe effect on both your self-esteem and overall health. When left untreated these dental problems can escalate extremely fast into problems including tooth loss and nerve damage. An unhealthy mouth, especially if gum disease is present, can even increase your risk of serious health problems such as stroke, cardiac disease, poorly controlled diabetes and premature labour. It is for these reasons that it comes highly to recommended to visit your dentist, at the very least, once a year. In as little as 30 years dentistry has changed completely. It is not only the products, services and equipment that has changed but the manner in which dental care is provided as well.  There has been a radical shift from reactive to preventative with current dentistry aiming to prevent dental problems and diseases before they occur instead of treating them afterwards. In order to understand the shift in the dental indust…